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Re: RMAN Duplicate Command for

From: <>
Date: 1 Apr 2007 16:31:35 -0700
Message-ID: <>


Thanks a lot. I know in Oracle 8.1.7, RMAN added explict command for creating standby database
control file, but duplicate command is available in 8.1.6.

If I duplicate database (is n't database identical to production) and then use standby database control file using Oracle';s datbase comand (Instead of RMAN command), won't that work. I am just trying to undesratnd what is
in duplicate command which is different from shutting down database and then making OS backup and
sending it to standby site. Oracle allows a cold or hot backup to set initial standby database, as long as all the arcived logs for recpvery are copied/

If RMAN's duplicate command does not work, I have another option to use Netbackup's alternate retsore which restores database on a different server (than where the backup was done) and then use it. I can then create a tandby controlfile on primary and then copy it.

On Apr 1, 6:31 pm, "" <> wrote:
> Comments embedded.
> On Apr 1, 2:14 pm, wrote:
> > I am stuck with using Oracle on HP UNIX 11. I want to
> > duplicate
> > Primary database on HOST A to a Standby Database on HOST B.
> Then do it the proper way for 8.1.6 and earlier releases by shutting
> down the database, cloning it to your destination server, creating a
> standby control file and implement your standby.
> > For
> > initial setup of STNADBY database I will like to use RMAN's duplicate
> > command.
> Nope, not with 8.1.6. With or later releases you can.
> > I will then create a standby control file outside of RMAN
> > and copy to Standby database. Once standby data base is setup, I will
> > use managed recovery to transfer archived logs from primary database
> > to standby.
> Not with RMAN and release You need to follow the pre-RMAN
> implementation strategy outlined earlier.
> > Based on reading various Oracle manuals, it should be doable (I think
> > in Oracle
> > as well).
> Sorry, it isn't and you should have visited and read
> the documentation for 8.1.6 instead of reading the documentation for
> and later releases and expecting things to work.
> > All RMAN duplicate examples show disk based backups and refer to image
> > copies. My RMAN backups are backup sets stored on tape (using
> > Netbackup's RMAN media manager layer). I think that duplicate command
> > should be transparent to image copies
> > or backup sets.
> Your strategy won't work, period, due to the version of Oracle with
> which you are 'stuck' using. And you're apparently too lazy or too
> clueless to read the documentation for the release in question.
> > Appreciate any response.
> David Fitzjarrell
Received on Sun Apr 01 2007 - 18:31:35 CDT

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