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Re: RMAN Duplicate Command for

From: <>
Date: 1 Apr 2007 15:31:46 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Comments embedded.
On Apr 1, 2:14 pm, wrote:
> I am stuck with using Oracle on HP UNIX 11. I want to
> duplicate
> Primary database on HOST A to a Standby Database on HOST B.

Then do it the proper way for 8.1.6 and earlier releases by shutting down the database, cloning it to your destination server, creating a standby control file and implement your standby.

> For
> initial setup of STNADBY database I will like to use RMAN's duplicate
> command.

Nope, not with 8.1.6. With or later releases you can.

> I will then create a standby control file outside of RMAN
> and copy to Standby database. Once standby data base is setup, I will
> use managed recovery to transfer archived logs from primary database
> to standby.

Not with RMAN and release You need to follow the pre-RMAN implementation strategy outlined earlier.

> Based on reading various Oracle manuals, it should be doable (I think
> in Oracle
> as well).

Sorry, it isn't and you should have visited and read the documentation for 8.1.6 instead of reading the documentation for and later releases and expecting things to work.

> All RMAN duplicate examples show disk based backups and refer to image
> copies. My RMAN backups are backup sets stored on tape (using
> Netbackup's RMAN media manager layer). I think that duplicate command
> should be transparent to image copies
> or backup sets.

Your strategy won't work, period, due to the version of Oracle with which you are 'stuck' using. And you're apparently too lazy or too clueless to read the documentation for the release in question.

> Appreciate any response.

David Fitzjarrell Received on Sun Apr 01 2007 - 17:31:46 CDT

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