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Re: PL/SQL Code Reviews

From: Mark Bole <>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 01:40:49 GMT
Message-ID: <BopWe.1245$>

DA Morgan wrote:

> wrote:

> The biggest issues around code reviews are:
> 1. Management must have the background to mandate them and stand
> behind the reviewers.
> 2. Everybodies code must be reviewed ... that includes UNIX sys
> admins and their shell scripts as well as the code executed
> by DBAs as part of their "maintenance" function. It can not
> just be a "beat up on the developers" fest.
> 3. The person or persons doing the reivew must actually be
> competent ... not just have an important title. I have seen
> DBAs that couldn't write a decent PL/SQL package criticizing
> code they quite frankly couldn't understand.
> 4. The persons reviewing the code should include (1) A subject
> matter expert, (2) the person that wrote the code, (3) at
> least a few members of the development team. This is done so
> that lessons are learned and spread through the group.
> 5. The "subject matter expert" is not the "expert" because they
> have been using Oracle since version 5, or 6, or whatever but
> is actually an expert on the version being used. I have seen
> Oraclasours (Oracle dinosaurs) who had never seen bulk collection
> pass as good code with cursors that was horrible just out of
> pure ignorance.
> 6. Make sure that the review is done as an educational event not
> as a lets make the coder feel like they are being personally
> taken to task event.
> <RANT>


> If you aren't keeping your skills up ... you might as well know COBOL.
> </RANT>

Well put. I first heard the term "two sets of eyes" applied to programming quite some time ago.

"The important thing to understand is the principle behind pair programming two sets of eyes looking at code. Two sets of eyes catches errors that may show up later in full testing. A second set of eyes can tell how readable is your code."

How two-years-ago! ;-)

-Mark Bole Received on Thu Sep 15 2005 - 20:40:49 CDT

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