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Re: PL/SQL Code Reviews

From: Ed Prochak <>
Date: 16 Sep 2005 12:37:53 -0700
Message-ID: <>

DA Morgan wrote:
> wrote:
> > Hello all
> >
> > Has anyone here ever participated or lead an group in a PL/SQL code
> > review? My project manager and I believe that our we need to
> > incorporation a code review/inspection into our process and I am trying
> > to assemble a list of resources that should help us in accomplishing
> > this task.

I've done reviews in PL/SQL, C code, FORTRAN, PASCAL, et al. The processes are really independent of the language. (Note the plural. There really more than one way to do this, ranging from simple desk check to Inspections. I'll try to make further comments about this in another post.)

> >
> > Most importantly, I'm looking for sites/white papers that deal with
> > either Code Review (the general approach) or specific documents
> > pertaining to the process (defect checklists specific to PL/SQL)
> >
> > CW

(Checklists hints that you are leaning towards Inspections.)
> Many including teaching classes on how to do them.
> Any code that is not reviewed, quite simply, does not belong in
> test ... much less production.

Wish that were true every where. 8^(

> The biggest issues around code reviews are:
[good points but I want to emphasize this one:]
> 6. Make sure that the review is done as an educational event not
> as a lets make the coder feel like they are being personally
> taken to task event.

Given your situation, new to team, poorly defined requirements, code in place that has mutated over time, Then the opportunity is to present this as training, refining the current code, and knowledge transfer. If a requirement is in developer A's head, in the review he points it out and thru the review now the other three know this (even if it ends up not being written down).

So reviews are educational for all participants. Small teams need this kind of knowledge transfer.

> <RANT>

[deleted 8^) ]
> If you aren't keeping your skills up ... you might as well know COBOL.
> </RANT>

Programming is sometimes an Alice-In-Wonderland experience. You must run as fast as you can to stay in the same place.

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