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Re: Error during full import - maximum enabled rles exceeded

From: <>
Date: 15 Jan 2005 10:28:39 -0800
Message-ID: <>

hpuxrac wrote:
> snip
> > >My question is, when I created database I never had this error
> message,
> > >why does the error message show up in import, is it recreating
> > >roles which alreday exist, that is why it is failing.
> > >
> > >Please clarify.
> Sorry prem but you are making me a little nervous about what you are
> doing and why. Most of the people doing a full import from one
> database to another database can handle something like exceeding the
> number of roles.
> Do you really need to do a full import? Are you really interested
> instead of importing some of the data from the other database instead
> of all of it? Usually full imports are only involved in database
> migrations. Do you want to do a schema level export import aka
> fromuser touser? Check out documentation for export and import it is
> in the utilities manuals.
> To answer your question above, no, import is not recreating roles
> exist it is attempting to add roles from the other database.
> Check all the roles that exist in the other database. Check out all
> the roles that exist in the database you are attempting to import
> Count how many are in each. Find out the total that you need to
> support in the database you are importing into. Set the parameter to
> support that configuration.


I have done full import many times in the past and I want to do full import. I looked at my production database where export was done, it has 36 roles and max_enabled_roles = 30 by default. I have been using production database for a while, creating new users and giving them roles (I have not created any new role since system went into production).

After import in my test environment, I also see same no of roles and same value for max_enabled_roles.

Just now, I created another role in database and assigned to a user. I then connected as user. No where, I saw any errors, so I have no idea where this parameter comes into picture except during import.

Prem Received on Sat Jan 15 2005 - 12:28:39 CST

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