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Re: Confused path

From: Howard J. Rogers <>
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 13:32:47 +1100
Message-ID: <41d368d0$0$23531$>

Al wrote:
> I'm new to Oracle and just start learning, slowly. We recently moved our
> Oracle 8 server which was on H drive of a NT server. I mapped in as H drive
> as control file location. After the the Oracle was moved to D drive of the
> NT server, I had trouble to access it from a client machine. Because the
> client machine already has a D drive, I cannot map the Oracle server as D
> drive on my client machine. I end up with had to start Oracle from server
> machine and I looked at Alert file, the location of controlfile is on a 'D'
> drive. Or I can copy the control file to my client machine and direct Oracle
> to find it from my local drive. What is the best way to resolve this drive
> label confusion?

I'm a bit confused about your situation. Let's see if I understand at least part of it correctly.

You had Oracle installed on Server1, and its database was on an H: drive. You've now copied the database over to Server2, and its database files were put onto a D: drive.

That much I think is clear, though I'm not entirely convinced that H: and D: are actually the drive letters that the servers concerned knew the hard disks as. Which brings me on to my other problem. What I'm not clear on is why you were mapping drives on your client PC in order to access the database. Normally, one uses a program such as SQL Plus to connect to the database over the network, via a Listener process, and there is never a need to actually make physical mappings to the server drives which are storing the database. Can you explain what you were doing and why?

I also can't work out whether the database is actually running succesfully on the new server or not. That your alert log mentions a D: drive for the location of the control files is good, because it presumably means someone correctly remembered to alter the initSID.ora to point to the new drive letter. Did they/you also do lots of "alter database rename file 'H:\something' to 'D:\something'" commands, too? In fact, do you actually have a problem with *the database* at all (as opposed to you and your client PC)?

Have you read the concepts manual at ? I think you might need to. Otherwise, write back with a clearer description of what is going on. And don't forget to let us know whether you are running the Enterprise, Standard or Personal edition of Oracle or something else entirely.

> One more question - for Oracle 8, if I use EXP80 utility to export a
> database without specifying the distination, what is the default directiory
> (Win NT) is the dmp file going to be stored?

Wherever you are when you invoke the export program.

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