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Re: How do I set ORACLE_SID in windows NT environment

From: hpuxrac <>
Date: 13 Dec 2004 12:32:20 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> > Did the op ask for advice on setting unix environment variables?
> >
> He did provide his take on doing so, and it was incorrect.

On UNIX when you create a new database instance you issue

set ORACLE_SID=xyx;export xyz
set ORACLE_HOME=.....; export ORACLE_HOME

> > Did the op ask for advice on the startup options available? No.
> >
> Yet he provided a snippet of his 'technique' that even the scripts
> generated by DBCA don't follow.

startup nomount pfile=.....

*** Many people know how to create a database manually and prefer
*** not to use DBCA.  The startup nomount pfile= technique can be used
*** after creating a pfile.  Next step is create control file.
*** aka Looks peachy to me

> I've never stopped at that point when creating a database ...

*** Can you create an oracle database manually without using dbca?
*** If so what are the steps, exactly?

> > Did the op ask for advice on customer relationships? No.
> >
> Again, he's charging for a service he is ill-equipped to provide,
> his post. And, if he hasn't personally taken on this project, and
> by some stretch, been given this assignment by his manager, it is
> helpful to know he's not up to the task. Unpleasant, yes, rude, no.

At my customer's windows 2003 server I installed 10g, database with starter database orcl.

*** That's all he or she said. Seems like quite a stretch to be able to

*** somehow deduce more than the fact that op has a question on how to
*** set an environment variable in unix.

I am done with this thread. My final thought, which I saw recently in another thread by someone else, is to consider the tone and manner in which contributors such as Tom Kyte or Jonathan Lewis approach this newsgroup.

Perhaps you and HJR are already at this same level as those people. More power to you guys if that's the case.

Neither of those guys, to my knowledge, ever asks why people are asking questions or alleges that the person asking the question may be not be up to the challenge. They just answer the question ... that's it.

I used the word insult in my earlier post. I apologize if that was not your intention. It is way too easy to type into a computer and have your fingers come up with words you would not use in a face to face conversation.

My opinion only -- pointing out problems and correcting the advice that people give in response to questions posted on this newsgroup is way different from speculations about the posters asking questions. Received on Mon Dec 13 2004 - 14:32:20 CST

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