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Re: Eliminating Combinatorial Relationship Multiplication

From: Joel Garry <>
Date: 6 Jul 2004 15:42:46 -0700
Message-ID: <>

"x" <> wrote in message news:<>...
> **** Post for FREE via your newsreader at ****
> "Daniel Morgan" <> wrote in message
> news:1089057907.319050_at_yasure...
> > Here's what we have found:
> > I encourage others to do so too and and in case anyone wonders who this
> > spam-troll really is ...
> > Domain Name:OMLET.ORG
> > Created On:15-Jun-2004 10:54:38 UTC ... (been in business only 2 weeks)
> > Sponsoring Registrar:R52-LROR
> > Registrant Name:Amjad Daoud
> > Registrant Street1:Queen Noor Br 07
> > Registrant City:Amman
> > Registrant State/Province:Amman
> > Registrant Postal Code:9626
> > Registrant Country:JO ... (this is the country of Jordan)
> > Registrant Phone:+1.96265163864
> > Registrant
> > Yes our troll lives in the country of Jordan. You can purchase a
> > product from someone to use with your valuable Oracle database
> > where there is not only no company behind it there is just one
> > guy in a third-world country.
> You need to be more careful about this kind of language.
> One of Amjad Daoud signatures I found on the web is:
> Amjad Daoud
> The OMLET Team Lead
> Tera Knowledge Systems, Inc.
> Arlington, Texas <--------------- This is not Jordan

But check out eggy-weggies email, it's Jordanian. Not that that means anything, I certainly am not in Tonga or oz as some of my web presence may imply. But he says Sunnyvale, and Texas, and the registration is on Queen Noor's... something. All-in-all, not a situation a rational person would want to take advice or a product from. And wassup with the 619 area code on the Sunnyvale provider, a cell?

> Besides: What do you have against "guys from third-world countries" ?

There are matters of security, economics, legal liability and trust involved.

But besides that, rotten egg seems to have gone well into net-psychoses, cyberstalking anyone who he perceives as attacking him, which is pretty much anyone acknowledging his existence. Not a pretty sight. DM has once again made a fast, correct call about a spammer.

As far as celko, I thought DM was suitably polite in explaining the plug issue. It was a minor gaffe on celko's part, perfectly understandable, DM didn't "break his balls." I would say DM should have ignored it giving the crossposting, but he clearly is making an effort to be fair and non-partisan when netcopping. My bias is towards letting people plug their work amid a useful answer, but DM has almost convinced me his way is better.


-- is bogus.
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