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Re: database market share 2003

From: Noons <>
Date: 16 Jun 2004 04:10:21 -0700
Message-ID: <>

"Data Goob" <> wrote in message news:<ZePzc.42273$>...

> other database products are easy enough to use that they really don't
> require much training, if any, of any kind, formal or informal. In fact,

Are they? Let me see: they don't need SQL, is it? Ah yes: put me in front of a DB2 or sql server database and I'll show you how difficult it is to manage or use.

> training appears to be more of a necessity for Oracles' complex product

No it isn't. However, if you are an idiot developer who has only so far used Access or some other sub-standard product with pretentions to be a database, I suggest you take some serious training instead of stuffing up systems for your clients.

> Oracle is about making money more than anything,

And IBM and M$ aren't? BWAHAHAHAHA!

> but that doesn't make them better
> than the others--which I think is the point you and Mark want to make
> on a regular basis.

No. The point they make is that there is NO product that is better than others. As much as this may surprise the MS and IBM heads.

> SQL-Server installs in about 10 minutes, same for the others.

So does Oracle. And SQL Server does NOT install in 10 minutes, that is a common marketing claim from M$ bullshit artists. It took 45 minutes to install on my P4-2GHz IBM PC box at work. Longer than Oracle 9ir2, if you must know. Or UDB 8.

> not all RDBMS products function in an operational mode without the
> need for anyone trained or untrained to maintain them--except maybe according
> to you Oracle needs training, and what does that really say about the
> product that it needs so much hand-holding?

Want me to show you some sites that converted to M$ crap because "it needed no maintenance" and ended up off the air for weeks on end after TWO (2) days of operation in the new plastic-fantastic M$ crap?

> is the only product worth considering. You also try to suggest that Oracle
> is somehow more legitimate for having 'college classes' as if academic
> standing is important.

Given that it is the ONLY commercial RDBMS out there that follows most of the relational db 12 rules, it probably deserves to be better represented in education institutions. Ah, yes: and its interface has stayed the same for the last 15 years and it runs the same across all platforms. Can M$-crap claim the same?

> An Oracle Fellow, that would be hilarious.

No more than a MCSE... Received on Wed Jun 16 2004 - 06:10:21 CDT

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