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Re: OMLETv4 The Ultimate Visual Real Time Oracle Monitoring Tool

From: omlet v4 <>
Date: 16 Jun 2004 04:11:32 -0700
Message-ID: <>

"Niall Litchfield" <> wrote in message news:<40cf4d3f$0$20514$>...
> "omlet v4" <> wrote in message
> > "Niall Litchfield" <> wrote in message
> news:<40c8c691$0$20517$>...
> > > Oh and it causes ora-0600s with intermedia on a regular basis, it can
> cause
> > > wrong results even in 9205 with decode,it can cause type comilation?
> >
> > Please enlighten me? What is type
> > comilation?????????????????????????????
> Its an obvious typo for those who can read English. The letter p is missing.

I see! You really deserve a medal for correctly explaining this. I thought it ryhms with your status quo: mutilations!

> > > with ora-0600 and various other interesting side effects from trying to
> deal
> > > with the symptoms and not the cause.
> > >
> > > Other than that of course pefectly safe....
> what, no comment on pefectly? - somehow I'm disappointed.

So am I! what is this world coming to?!

> > I always suspected that the Oracle server is an error-laden product.
> I always suspected that databases ran better when the server casing was
> pink - unfortunately there is as yet no proof for this assertion.

I guess your status quo is now: pinky

> > Trust me when I left Oracle, everything was in perfect order. Damn
> > those I????? and those A?????. Please be more specific and file these
> > errors with Oracle Support.
> Well - you know what - I have had cause to log a number of calls with Oracle
> support over the years. A significant number have been related to setting
> CURSOR_SHARING to other than the default. This was rather my point. If you
> follow your installation instructions for your product, you will a) change
> the performance characteristics of the database that you are looking at - a
> very bad thing indeed for a 'monitoring' tool. and b) make your clients apps
> more likely to fail totally.

I might at somepoint decide to listen to fools; but the product does not require this parameter set to anything. However once you turn timed_stats on
you are querying lots of x$ tables and this is done using views, select statements, etc. and you would reduce overhead. Not much really; just in the range of few points 2%-5%. OMLET paints pretty picture for you using SQL and that involves overhead.

But I guess you already know that! The original message I posted for "leading experts" I really did not mean YOU; Pinky.

> In what may well be a rather vain attempt to be constructive I'd suggest
> that

I thought you would list those as well:

1) Visit Google and hunt around for advice.

2) Take nothing on face value: test it yourself to destruction.

3) Lurk here for a month or two, and try and pick up on the sort of questions being asked, and ask yourself how *you* would answer them. Then see what answers actually come through, and compare. When you're feeling brave, post some of your answers and see how they are taken by people.

4) Buy books. Anything with the names Jonathan Lewis, or Thomas Kyte on the cover are *extremely* good bets for accurate advice. O'Reilly are good. As are Apress (used to be Wrox)

5) Avoid anything that mentions OCP (Oracle Certified Professional). The qualification is not worth a damn, and leads you straight into myth territory.

I wonder what Oracle or OCPs feel about your accusations. Let me get this, you publish all this on your web site and you are a PINKY angel!?

> 1. You rethink your documentation and requirements.
> 2. You think about what effect being publicly abusive and unhelpful has on

I am just follwing you lead; PINKY! You are not worth your PINK case.

> your target market.

newsjunkies are not my market! I mean newsjunkies who lurk here or there for a month or two! and again not you PINKY. I solicited "leading experts" help and review which I think I got none. I expected what you and people like PINKY would answer. Actually I am having FUN especially with PINKYs! Give it a rest! Received on Wed Jun 16 2004 - 06:11:32 CDT

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