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Re: What's up with - anyone else have problems?

From: Teresa Redmond <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 15:13:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>

On 21 Apr 2004 15:57:13 -0700, in, (Joel Garry) scribbled:

>Ed Stevens <nospam_at_noway.nohow> wrote in message news:<>...
>> Anyone else having problems with I normally hit it
>> several times a day to look up an error msg or check a manual. On
>> Friday it asked me to log in (something it seems to do sporadically)
>> but wouldn't accept my userid and password. Even after requesting a
>> confirmation of my password, I copied and pasted the information from
>> the confirming e-mail, but still rejected.
>> What's even more strange is that after following some links to find a
>> place to report the problem, I found myself at
>>, and that page had
>> a 'Welcome' with my e-mail address and a 'logout' link. It obviously
>> thought I was already logged in. When I followed links from there to
>> the OTN forums, ( the
>> Welcome said I was 'guest' and had a 'Login' link.
>> I was able to read the OTN forums as a guest, there were several
>> others reporting the same problem.
>I've noticed a number of strangenesses among the various sites since
>they put out the new metalink, looks to me like they are trying to
>rollout various new pages and us users see the results of
>webcache-aphasia. I wonder if they are upgrading their SSO?

I had the exact same problem last month. I've had an account at OTN for over 3 years, and had almost the exact same experience as the poster above did. One web page is always open to oracle's website, and it has my name on the top of the page. One day I went to look for something in the forums, and suddenly I was a "guest". I couldn't post a question. I couldnt' log in with my usual info. Email reminder had the info I'd just tried to use. I copied/pasted, no good. I had to create a new username, because in trying to use the same one I've been using (that suddenly wasn't valid), I got an error saying that info was already in use! but I couldn't sign in using it!!! *sigh*.

Teresa Redmond
Programmer/Analyst III
Anteon Corporation
tredmond at anteon dot com
Received on Fri Apr 23 2004 - 10:13:00 CDT

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