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Re: orakill question

From: Paul Drake <>
Date: 22 Apr 2004 20:39:35 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Vince Laurent <> wrote in message news:<>...
> One of our vendors likes to use the utility orakill all the time.
> From the docs I found:
> The orakill utility should be used as a last resort only. If the
> session cannot be killed more gracefully (via alter system kill
> session), or the instance is inaccessible via SQL, then orakill should
> be used to terminate the offending session.
> But this not is about if is the right tool or what, I have a question
> related to the tool.
> Is there a way to monitor what locks it kills? Since our vendor gave
> access to it to a variety of folks I need to be able to monitor its
> use. Who is using it and what sessions they have killed. Anyone know
> of a way?
> Thanks!
> Vince

Hmmmm. I hope that I don't know the vendor ;)

I have used orakill to kill blocking sessions that have a value for v$session.last_call_et above a threshold limit. In this case, the risk of orakill hosing something is far less than the damage caused by the blocker.
In the routine, an entry is inserted into a logging table prior to issuing the orakill call.

Ideally, dead connection detection would work and orakill wouldn't be needed for this purpose.

If alter system kill session worked better, we wouldn't need to use orakill for that purpose either.

Uh, migrate to Linux and dead connection detection will work, along with alter system kill session?

One could use the audit option in the server filesystem, but chances are that won't provide the info that you're looking for.

I'll think about this some more and see what I can come up with. Best bet is to write a wrapper around the orakill.exe so that a log entry is written to a file.


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