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Re: Article about supposed "murky" future for Oracle

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 23:28:55 -0800
Message-ID: <1080804514.769675@yasure>

Euan Garden[MS] wrote:

> No I can't state that and I'll explain why, however you are digressing from
> your point in this thread. Your point was that Microsoft runs its
> financials(SAP) on Oracle and you claimed to have evidence, I am saying that
> is not the case. If you want to change the discussion to is MS running
> Oracle software anywhere, then I would ask that you retract the previous
> statement and issue the new one ,as you are not willing to bring your
> original point to conclusion with us.
> Ok now to your request for my statement, let me explain a couple of reasons
> and scenarios why that can not be the case.
> 1/ MS Campus is huge(as you well know) with 10,000's of employees, there
> could well be an Oracle employee and some Oracle Software on campus for one
> of the scenarios below, in an office somewhere. I don't know the occupier of
> every office on campus and therefore can not state what you ask. It may be
> the case that there are none but without knowing for sure I am not going to
> make that statement.
> 2/ Oracle is a partner of MS in several areas. We provide OLEDB, ODBC and
> Managed Data Access to versions of Oracle because our customers request it.
> I am presuming we have copies of Oracle to be able to do that testing and
> development, I don't know if they were loaned, purchased, leased or any
> other mechanism of acquiring them. I am presuming we have worked with Oracle
> in building these drivers in terms of getting tech support for the APIs etc.
> There may or may not have been an Oracle employee on site to help with that.
> I know for a fact that at Microsoft we send on site engineers for
> support/advice for customers and partners writing software to work with our
> platform. I am presuming that Oracle has a similar service.
> 3/ Oracle is also a partner in that their software runs on Windows, we work
> closely with many companies whose software runs on windows, they have access
> to labs on campus and for many of them they have staff on campus to help
> them build their products on Windows. Oracle may or may not have that level
> of service, as a member of the SQL Server team I am not privy to windows
> partner arrangements.
> So for that reason I can't state whether we have or have nor purchased the
> software and I can not state whether there are Oracle employees on campus or
> not.
> I know this is not the answer you requested but are you willing to accept
> this? Basically I can't state it because I do not have 100% knowledge.
> Regards

And if Microsoft wrote a check to Oracle Corp. for in excess of $500,000 last year you think that would fit any of the above three scenarios? I don't.

The problem with your offer is that I know full well some of your SAP is on SQL Server: I also know that some is not. It seems your offer is pointless as you can take me where you wish, show me what you wish, and I will not violate confidences from your employees just to prove a point.

Daniel Morgan
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Received on Thu Apr 01 2004 - 01:28:55 CST

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