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Re: migration database from windows nt 4 to windows 2000

From: Paul Drake <>
Date: 26 Mar 2004 17:12:44 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hans Forbrich <> wrote in message news:<aj%8c.21696$Ct5.235_at_edtnps89>...
> antonio wrote:
> > version oracle 8.0.5
> >
> > i need to migrate database from server where run nt4 to a serve where run
> > windows 2000 server..
> > can you halp me?
> > i tried to copy folder database in new serve but it's not possible opne
> > and mount database
> >
> > antonio
> You have two separate issues here. First is the software and second is the
> database.
> You need to INSTALL the software on the target machine, using the
> Oracle-supplied installer. Based on your description, I'm not sure you
> have done this.
> Then you can MIGRATE the database. There are several ways, some of which
> are: export/import, backup/restore and copy. To copy, you need to ensure
> everything related to the database (init????.ora, *.dbf, *.log, etc.) is
> copied from all relevant folders. You just might find an export/import
> easier.
> Aside from that, have you checked whether 8.0.5 runs in Windows 2000?
> (Also, can you explain why you are upgrading the operating system but not
> the database? The RDBMS, not the OS, is the thing keeping your data safe.
> The operrating system is just 'window dressing'.)
> /Hans

for backwards compatibility and testing (migration workbench area) I have 8.0.5, 8.1.7 and 9.2.0 homes running on w2k server (sp4). I think that server is older than the 8.1.5 release. I don't think that box will be seeing the 10g installer.

chances are, you did not create the required services in order to run a listener process and to start an instance.

You will need to put in place the required directory structure to support the database files. Your best bet for this is the concepts guide, but Cary Milsap's OFA paper would be a good doc to read also. You should be able to find a copy over at or

you can create the OS services by the following simple commands: rem create an OS service for the listener process on the default port D:\oracle\ora80\bin\> lsnrctl start
rem create a password file
D:\oracle\ora80\bin\> orapwd ...
rem create an OS Service to start the instance D:\oracle\ora80\bin\> oradim ...

you should likely now have an instance, from which you can start doing some real damage. without a valid parameter file (init.ora) there is an oracle.exe process, but no instance.

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