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Re: Unusual Log Switching

From: Eric Kimble <>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 15:23:59 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Rick, The system is non OPS so only single thread. I am the only DBA and have not been playing around with switching logfiles manually. It doesn't happen at the same time each month. One month it will be at 9am and the next it will be at 2am. I'm having difficulty finding a good pattern with it. I do assume the logs are actually full, the archived size is 2M for each file. I suppose I could go through with logminer and take a look and see what is going on? So to answer the first question is I think it is because of excessive redo generation but I don't know how to narrow down the culprit. (maybe I need a beer first?)

Rick Anderson wrote:

> Eric,
> Are the logs full? In other words, is the log switching occurring because
> of excessive redo generation.
> Does the alert log indicate that perhaps a manual ALTER SYSTEM SWITCH
> LOGFILE occurred?
> Is this an OPS environment (i.e. multiple threads)?
> Does the log switching event occur at approximately the same time?
> Rick
> Eric Kimble wrote:
> > on NT 4 system. In looking at the Archived logs I have noticed
> > a trend over the last few months. The system will usually switch about 3
> > times a day ( not a really busy server) but about once a month the
> > system will go into a hyperactive mode ( I don't have jobs scheduled
> > during this time and it is not the same day each month) where it will
> > switch 4-5 time per minute for about 2 hours. I was wondering if you all
> > could maybe give me some ideas to check into. I've already looked at
> > Scheduled jobs, I don't have individual users logged into this database
> > ( it support a 3rd party app) and the use of the 3rd party app is used
> > consistently and hasen't been reported from during those times. It of
> > course isn't hurting the system any but I don't like it when things
> > happen on the database and I don't know why.
> >
> > TIA
> > Eric Kimble
Received on Wed Jul 31 2002 - 17:23:59 CDT

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