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Re: Incomplete Oracle Client?

From: TurkBear <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 10:49:15 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Partial answer:

The tnsping only tells you that the network connection to the listener on the database server works.. No Oracle-specific or Database info implied ( except that your tnsnames.ora file is correct; BTW with the DEFAULT.DOMAIN set to world in sqlnet.ora the .world is not used on the connect string) ...Its just like a regular ping, but it uses tnsnames.ora to find out what to ping.

"Kathy Frisk" <> wrote:

>Hi All,
>I am trying to install a delphi application that uses a native Oracle
>driver(sqlora32.dll) on a user's win98 machine. The problem is that I'm
>trying to verify that the Oracle Client installed on the machine is
>making a connection to the database before I go to all the trouble of
>troubleshooting the Delphi App end.
>The sys dba tnsping'ed the SERVICE NAME listed in the tnsnames.ora file
>and received an "ok". There are no utilities to check the connection in
>the oracle bin directory(I was looking for sqlplus)except tnsping so I
>installed "Toad" and received this message in an "OCI.DLL" window(This
>is also the same message I am receiving in the BDE when I try to
>A missing dll is required to run this application.
>That is the approximate message. When I try to tnsping the global
>service name in the tnsnames.ora file(the name with the = after it for
>the connection info), tnsping fails with an unrecognized db error. For
> =
> (HOST =
> (PORT = 1521)
> )
> )
> )
>if I "tnsping payroll" ---------> ok
>if I "tnsping" -------------fail
>The sqlnet.ora file contains the correct notation for the 'world'
>domain. When I try to tnsping these two names on a working connection
>machine, I get an "ok" using either name.
>1.) Since the same error message is showing up in two applications(Toad
>and the BDE) and in the same labeled window(OCI.DLL). Isn't this an
>Oracle connection issue. Is this error coming from the Oracle Call
>Interface and not a Toad error or a BDE app error?
>2.) Does a successful(ok) tnsping on the service name and not the global
>name in the tnsnames.ora file mean that it is a valid connection?
>3.) Are there any other utilities that I can use in the oracle client
>that will tell me beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a successful
>oracle connection using the global service name(I must reference this in
>the BDE).
>I am not an Oracle expert and I would sure appreciate any expertise you
>can offer! Thanks in advance.

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