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Re: IMP: still more problems

From: Enkidu <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 15:42:45 GMT
Message-ID: <Vxf_8.10677$>

On-topic: It's unfortunate that some smart people feel they have to look down their noses at those who are struggling to find answers. I have to admit, Sybrand does occasionally answer people's questions without all the sarcasm. However, the anonymity of a NG must make him feel like he can forget every bit of the social skills I'm sure his mother tried to instill in him. I can only feel sorry for him.

Off-topic: Enkidu and Utnapishtim are characters in the oldest known work of fiction - a story written around 3000BC in Sumeria - now commonly known by the title, The Gilgamesh Epic. BTW, my real name is Roger Crowley.

"Chuck" <> wrote in message news:ahb2fd$s2uoi$
> Thanks for the reply. At least I don't feel that I'm out in left field by
> myself on this. Ego trips are mostly all I get from Sybrand. As of today
> he's in my killfile.
> BTW your first name is very unique. It wouldn't have anything to do with
> Egyptian legend would it?
> --
> Chuck
> "Enkidu Utnapishtim" <> wrote in message
> > Chuck,
> > Disregarding Sybrand's ego trip (it's a lot easier to make non-helpful
> > statements like "millions of people use it" than to answer a question),
> > you are right. Both exp/imp have problems. Perhaps those millions of
> > people who have used exp/imp have not tried to load views that are based
> > on Java functions (if the jvm can't "compile" the java function before
> > it gets to the "create view" portion of the .dmp file, it will give you
> > a IMP-00041 error). There are other problems as well because imp is a
> > strictly sequential thing ... and if the database asynchronously ships a
> > task off to a background job that doesn't get finished in time, then imp
> > will fail. Don't know if your problem is related to this imp-blindness
> > or not. I'd submit that tar if I were you.
> >
> > I've run into problems with imp often enough that I sometimes prefer to
> > build dynamic sql scripts on the source machine that I ftp over to the
> > target machine and run them manually. It's often much more reliable than
> > imp ... especially in those cases where imp fails due to timing
> > difficulties.
> >
> > HTH,
> > Roger Crowley - DBA - LearningFramework
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