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Re: URGENT: Importing an Oracle 9i export file into Oracle 8.1.7

From: nettdata <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 17:06:19 GMT
Message-ID: <>


I already suggested the same procedure to him, but as his original posting explains, he only has the dump file... he doesn't have a 9i DB he can use for such a procedure.

His next question was whether or not such a "strip stuff out of an Oracle dump file" utility existed, and while I don't trust them AT ALL, I was merely responding to another poster that said no such utility exists, when in fact many do.

I do not support or endorse any such utility, but rather pointed him to the first one that I found from a Google search and suggested he "check it out", as in do his own due dillegence.

Who knows, maybe he's pulling very simple data from the DMP file and it WILL work for him in his particular situation?

As to marketing, I can't stand it and tend not to listen to it... I'll believe it when I've seen it and tested it myself. If I'm not mistaken, this utility started off as a little freeware app that some guy wrote to meet his needs and has merely grown a little from there. Personally, I would take that into consideration before using anything from him on anything with "production" requirements.



Niall Litchfield wrote:
> "nettdata" <> wrote in message

>>Check out for one of many such
>>Never say "none at all".  ;)

> Now why on earth would one do that. Connect with 8i exp and do an export and
> you have a perfectly valid dump to move to an 8i db. The utility you link to
> doesn't support all oracle datatypes, has length restrictions on others and
> may barf on characters such as CR/LF that it finds in character fields.
> I also object to the marketing which suggests that you can't transfer data
> from oracle to other data storage programs, this is just so wrong as to make
> me worry about the competence of the supplier.
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