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Re: The demise of the Oracle professional?

From: Nick <>
Date: 11 Jul 2002 08:01:49 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Well done guys, a fascinating and entertaining thread if a little gloomy.

I have experience in both DB2 and Oracle and have recently started an OCP . And just to add some spice, I am currently planning to transfer family lock, stock and barrel to Oz (not the TV show!). Yep, I'm wacko, ga-ga, totally on another planet.

Just a few points.

I truly like what I do (Oracle DBA of somewhat junior standing). I will continue with the cert since, there are aspects of the product which I do not come into contact with and therefore do not understand fully. The cert can be a good catalyst for further research and improved understanding.

As other posters have pointed out, as a DBA, nobody knows your name until something goes pear-shaped. Managers even less so. A DBA (rightly IMO) has a higher cost than most developers. Unfortunately because the efforts are less tangible, Managers often fail to see the ROI. I can't see a solution here. If the database fails it's my fault through lack of maintenance, if it doesn't I "don't do anything anyway".

Oracle has issues over it's pricing policies and it's management structure. How long can Larry go solo is not the issue, it's market perception of where the company is going. This will directly affect the long term security of the Oracle DBA position. The DB2 DBA role has been in the same position for some years since the advent of UDB and the resulting uncertainty of IBM's ability to achieve it's goals.

It's long been the case that multi skilled individuals fair better in hard times than single focus experts. Remember the old days of punching cards in a room where users enter at their own risk. Now I suspect we are all much more "client focussed" and business aware than most of our predecessors because that is what the market demanded. Perhaps our only option is to expand our skill set further still.(God knows what into!!)

Despite the dire job market in Australia, I will still move and attempt to ply my trade. If that fails I will do whatever I can to earn a legal income.

I personally believe there will always be a market for good DBAs regardless of product. Maybe some of you guys should think about starting a Database Consultancy and providing an service to multiple clients. I know, I haven't thought this through, IPR, confidentiality etc. but if the markets objection is cost then perhaps there is a niche to provide a reasonable cost effective alternative to the likes of EDS, PWC CMG Admiral and so-on possibly dealing with multiple RDBMS products.

I'm sure you people are aware but, IME, a DBA is usually a pretty intelligent individual (with the possible exception of myself) who is more than capable of learning a complimentary product/skill. Those that aren't will struggle. Those that are very experienced probably won't need to. Those that are not capable DBAs deserve to struggle.

I wish all of you the best of luck

Nick Received on Thu Jul 11 2002 - 10:01:49 CDT

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