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Re: 9ias release 2 not recommended

From: sg <>
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 2002 00:22:49 +0200
Message-ID: <>

I have NOT put it in production.
The reason I am saying this, 9ias r2 was scheduled for Jan 2002 which got delayed till Jun 2002 (delayed twice) which was supposed to be a usable product. If this product is not stable why it appears as certified for several platforms?
The bug which cannot change hostname/IP does NOT always happen, it happened to me because the place I installed lacked a DNS Server and I had to get rid of domain name, Oracle Support took 2 weeks to say you CANNOT do that in 9.0.2, it will be fixed in 9.0.4 (Lafff). Lucky it is not used for 11i because many many times we have to clone 11i in other servers with different names! The other bug, you can only have English in Portal, the script ias provides does NOT work to install language options

Just warning people, nothing more nothing less

Daniel Morgan wrote:

> sg wrote:

>>I have recently made 6 9ias release 2 installation in last couple of
>>weeks and the result is disappointing. The support on this product is
>>poor not saying none and the product is buggy and any modification to a
>>single component forces you to modify almost everything! That means
>>DOWNTIME. I feel that Oracle wants to integrate it so much that make it
>>a mess, since all components are related then move a string everything
>>falls! Also everything is embedded in java classes make almost
>>impossible to diagnostic where has gone wrong.
>>Suggestion: dont use iAS if you can, avoid it in production because
>>there virtually no support. Just an example a opened Tar for 2 weeks and
>>3 days got useless response and finally what we get is you hit the bug,
>>reinstall is your only choice! Oh the bug is you cannot modify
>>hostname/ip (what the heck!) after installation because they get
>>hard-coded during installation.... (and there are 3 or 4 more bugs we hit)
>>I dont understand why after so much delay Oracle still comes out with
>>such buggy product
> There is a price to be paid trying to put any release of any software into
> production immediately. New releases are generally put on development and
> testing boxes and not moved to production until proven stable. I might note
> for you that Oracle Corp., itself, has yet to put Oracle 9i into production
> with its own 11i applications.
> So if you are running ahead of Oracle then one might ask why?
> And if you are finding bugs such as you discuss in production ... once again
> one might ask why? Don't you try software out in development and test
> environments first?
> Daniel Morgan
Received on Fri Jul 05 2002 - 17:22:49 CDT

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