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From: Andreas Mosmann <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 11:10:19 +0100
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For case of statistics there is made a copy from a database some time ago. I produced a SQL- Statement, that worked fine on the actual database, but when I use the same statement on the other DB I got an Oracle Error 600, followed by some values (the 1st is 733). I do not know the differences between both DBs exactly, but of course the admin changed some preferences for this one way DB. When I looked for the reason of this error to find out, which changes are to be made to get the results of my statement, I read, that there is/was a metalink- Page, that describes some/all 600- errors depending on the 1st parameter.
I could not connect to metalink (I did it last time many month ago), because it did not only want to get to know very much of my personal state, but any kind of service number. Assuming that there is no free way to go there anymore I like to ask you the following:
- Is there someone, who knows about this web form? Does it exist
anymore, so that it is useful to buy such service number?
- Does anybody know the problem OE 600, [733]?

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