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From: Andreas Mosmann <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 14:39:53 +0100
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Mark D Powell schrieb am 22.02.2010 in
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>> Hi,
>> For case of statistics there is made a copy from a database some time
>> ago. I produced a SQL- Statement, that worked fine on the actual
>> database, but when I use the same statement on the other DB I got an
>> Oracle Error 600, followed by some values (the 1st is 733).
>> I do not know the differences between both DBs exactly, but of course
>> the admin changed some preferences for this one way DB. When I looked
>> for the reason of this error to find out, which changes are to be made
>> to get the results of my statement, I read, that there is/was a
>> metalink- Page, that describes some/all 600- errors depending on the 1st
>> parameter.
>> I could not connect to metalink (I did it last time many month ago),
>> because it did not only want to get to know very much of my personal
>> state, but any kind of service number. Assuming that there is no free
>> way to go there anymore I like to ask you the following:
>> - Is there someone, who knows about this web form? Does it exist
>> anymore, so that it is useful to buy such service number?
>> - Does anybody know the problem OE 600, [733]?
>> Best regards
>> Andreas
>> Oracle
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> I suggest you look at fixing your Oracle support access.

> Oracle support note 146580.1 ORA-600 [733] "memory request size is too
> big for this port (o/s)" lists about 10 bug reports related to this
> error.  The note suggests reducing the sort_area_size and
> hash_area_size and re-running the query.  It is not 100% clear in the
> note but this solution may only apply if a hash_join is being used in
> the plan.

> This note may not apply to your issue. Thank you. Probably this is my problem. I changed the sga_max_size to nearly the same value as the original database and retried the query. I harvested a similar error Ora 600, with Parameters [KGHALP1], [0x0]...
When I looked for it at metalink I got a result like known bug, there could be the following symptoms:
.. Ora 600 [733], Ora 600 [KGHALP1] ...
Should be fixed in

But I use Oracle AND on the original version it works fine. Does anyone has an idea what to do except patching to

> HTH -- Mark D Powell --
It helped, thank you. BTW: now I know my metalink password.


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