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Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2009 12:39:54 -0700 (PDT)
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On Oct 3, 4:41 am, tanveer <> wrote:
> On Sep 30, 9:28 pm, joel garry <> wrote:
> > On Sep 30, 3:39 am, tanveer <> wrote:
> > > Dear All
> > > I need to know that can we schedule archived log to be deleted
> > > automatically for instance i want to delete one month archived log
> > > from primary and standby database with out RMAN.
> > > Thanks in advanced for your participation
> > > Regards
> > You can, but you need to tell RMAN about it, otherwise restoration
> > will be confusing.  See the docs about crosscheck and delete expired.
> > More details would be required to give more advice, including the
> > platform, the exact operating system, the exact version of Oracle,
> > whether you are using a catalog, and what you really want to
> > accomplish.
> > jg
> > --
> > is bogus.
> > Always be sure and use hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol.
> Thanks for your reply. I am not using RMAN at all. We perform cold
> backup weekly and hot backup daily (Database export dump).
> Operating system windows 2000 Advance Server. Oracle Not
> using Catalog.
> We are going to implement Data guard very soon what I want to know is
> that If we don't use RMAN at all. How I can delete archive log can i
> use windows explorer

I second what Sybrand says. The entire purpose of archiving logs is for recovery. Standby databases are nothing more than recovery. You must understand what is happening in order to not use RMAN. You obviously don't. You would be much better off using RMAN. It is that simple.

export is a type of backup called a logical backup. It is not the type of backup you can use to save your company data, it is merely an old clunky way to move data around and have some redundancy, and sometimes fix certain user errors. It is most certainly not a hot backup. A hot backup is an inconsistent backup that can be made consistent through recovery. An export is an inconsistent backup. Sometimes parts of it can be made consistent.

You need to implement a better physical backup procedure, otherwise you risk losing transactional data. Has your management really said "it's ok to lose a weeks data?"

Please read the manuals about backup, you need to learn the basic concepts. Get one of the third party backup books, too. Read the concepts manual about transactions.

You can delete archived logs however you want as long as you understand what you are doing.

10g is significantly better in both backups and standby, by the way.


-- is bogus.
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