Anyone out there successfully using Pro*C/C++ in C++ mode?

From: Ramon F Herrera <>
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2009 07:06:36 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

So far I had been mostly satisfied with Pro*C/C++. It is a huge improvement from by previous programming environment (OCI. I can't believe I ever programmed in that assembly language). All my programs have been written written in C so far. However, since I have been known to get myself into trouble :-) I decided to try the C++ side of Pro*C/C++, to take it for a spin.

Long story short: It was a bad decision, and I decided to go back to good ole' C.


(1) That is not real C++. I use C++ for the convenience of 'string',
for instance, and the pre-compiler forces me to use some strange (from the C++ programming language viewpoint) VARCHARs and declare things inside some weird blocks.

(2) I have been unable to pass the linking stage on any non-trivial
app. The most I have done is to run the provided examples.

(3) Even in C, a very simple programming language, I have found the
Oracle implementation to be rather primitive (compared to gcc). I shudder to think the kinds of mess I would get myself into if I tried to uses classes.

I guess the follow-up question is: Has anyone out there been able to use classes in conjunction to Pro*C/C++? I highly doubt it.

Bonus question: My Oracle version is 10g. Has Pro*C/C++ improved much along these 5 years? I am considering the perennial question: to upgrade or not to upgrade?

TIA, -Ramon Received on Sun Oct 04 2009 - 09:06:36 CDT

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