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On Aug 14, 11:58 am, Sam Alexander <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Hopefully this isn't a brain dead question.  I've been a DBA for almost
> 10 years, but my experience has been exclusively with MS SQL.  Now I
> hope to expand my knowledge and start learning Oracle, but I'm not sure
> where to begin.  I downloaded and installed Oracle 10g Express Edition,
> but this seems to have lots of limitations.  Should I run with the
> downloadable version of 11g Release 1 instead?  
> In the Microsoft world they offer SQL Server Developer Edition which is
> basically the same as Enterprise Edition but only allowing a couple of
> connections for developers to learn, and I'm looking for an equivalent
> to this with Oracle.  
> Also can someone point me to some good books or online resources that'll
> help learn PL/SQL?  I'm very fluent in TSQL, which is what MS SQL uses,
> but I know there are plenty enough differences between the two.
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions and comments.
> Sam Alex

Not brain-dead at all, a very positive question.

The best way to unlearn all the misconceptions of T-SQL is to work through the books by Tom Kyte. No slight towards T-SQL intended, you just need to understand there are fundamental differences, things you take for granted are wrong in the larger world. See the Oracle Concepts manual at, especially the parts about the consistency model and locking. Once the light bulb goes on you may like the Oracle way better. Might take a couple years though :-)

You can download EE free unfettered from free registration required. Read the license.

Steven Feuerstein is the acknowledged PL expert.



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