Re: announce: OraPIG, python wrappers for Oracle

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Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 19:14:24 GMT
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DA Morgan <> wrote:
> wrote:
> > I'm pleased to announce the initial release of OraPIG,
> > the Oracle Python Interface Generator.
> And we'd be pleased if you behaved like a member of our
> community and didn't insult us wit spam in violation of
> this group's charter.

Hmm, my intention in posting was just to say Thanks to the people here (including you -- thanks again!!) who helped me figure out the data dictionary stuff and to let them know that I'm passing along what I've learned from them to other people. (That's why there's the special callout at the bottom of the message.)

I don't interpret the message as a violation of the charter, which says in point 3

    "The posting of commercial message, messages intended     to promote the sale of a product or service are expressly     forbidden in this group. Please restrict commercial messages to"

and in point 6

    "Avoid SPAM or commercial messages"

    these from:

Since the message was not a commercial message or promoting the sale of a product or service, I didn't feel that .marketplace was the appropriate venue. And, since I was especially trying to say thanks to the denizens of .misc, I felt this was the appropriate group.

Anyways, apologies all around and thanks again for the help!

Mark Harrison
Pixar Animation Studios
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