Re: help me pick a name for my project!

From: Malcolm Dew-Jones <>
Date: 14 May 2008 14:21:13 -0800
Message-ID: <482b57c9$> wrote:
: So, we've got a nice program that will introspect
: a PL/SQL package and generate python interface for
: it. It's nice, because we can provide an interface to
: the database that looks like a standard python
: package, for those of our colleagues who don't
: care about databases.

: I've gotten approval to release the code, but I'm
: stuck for a name.

Python Oracle Interface Generator

        => POIG (Poignant if you could find words for "nant")

Oracle Python Interface Generator

        => OPIG Or

        => POracle
        => pythOracle
	=> Pythagoracle

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