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Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 05:14:42 GMT
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So, we've got a nice program that will introspect a PL/SQL package and generate python interface for it. It's nice, because we can provide an interface to the database that looks like a standard python package, for those of our colleagues who don't care about databases.

I've gotten approval to release the code, but I'm stuck for a name. It's currently called cx_autogen, because around here Oracle and cx_Oracle are pretty synonymous.

But, I'd like a name that

  • doesn't impose on Computronix and cx_Oracle
  • gives some idea as to what the program does
  • is somewhat memorable

So, if you have some ideas I'd appreciate hearing your suggestions. By way of thanks, if your suggestion gets picked, I'll (a) mention your name in the README -- eternal open source fame!, and (b) send you a piece of Wall-E or Ratatouille swag.

I'd like to release this next week, so if you can send me any suggestions by the end of this week that would be great.


PS, To give you a flavor of what the program does, if you have a package like this:

    create or replace package keyword

        type my_ref is ref cursor;
        procedure add(aid in number, akeyword in varchar2);
        procedure delet(aid in number, akeyword in varchar2);
        procedure get_ids(aref out sys_refcursor, akeyword in varchar2);
        procedure get_keywords(aref out sys_refcursor, aid in number);
        function get_keywords2(aid in number) return my_ref;
        function all_words return my_ref;
    end keyword;

It will give you a Python class that looks something like this:

    class Keyword:

        def __init__(self,curs):
        def add(self,aid,akeyword):
        def all_words(self):
        def delet(self,aid,akeyword):
        def get_ids(self,aref,akeyword):
        def get_keywords(self,aref,aid):
        def get_keywords2(self,aid):

which you can use like this:

    import keyword

    # add 'final' keyword to asset 23

    # iterate over all the keywords for asset 23     # using a ref cursor
    for x in k.get_keywords2(23):

        print x

PPS, for everyone who helped me with my tedious questions regarding querying the data dictionary, this is the fruits of that work. many thanks!!

Mark Harrison
Pixar Animation Studios
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