utl_mail adds CRLF at beginning of varchar2 attachments

From: neil kodner <nkodner_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 12:00:25 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <482e7077-2ddd-402f-b82f-9fb7c20fa131@a1g2000hsb.googlegroups.com>

Using on solaris, I'm trying to write some tests against utl_mail.send_attach_varchar2. I receive the email and the attachments, but the attachment always begins with a leading blank line. I've tried varying the att_mime_type but am still having the same problem. The leading blank line is preventing applications from interpreting my RTF text.

Here's the code I'm using. This example uses RTF, but examples using straight text have also failed (below)

rtf example:

         sender => 'xxx_at_domain.com'
        ,recipients => 'xxx_at_domain.com'
        ,cc => NULL
        ,bcc =>  NULL
        ,subject => 'send_attach_varchar2'
        ,message => 'here is a test of send_attach_varchar2'
        ,mime_type => 'text/plain; charset=us-ascii'
        ,priority => 3
        ,attachment => '{\rtf1\ansi{\fonttbl\f0\fswiss Helvetica;}
\f0\pard This is some {\b bold} text.\par}'
        ,att_inline => TRUE
        ,att_filename => 'rtftest2.rtf'


plain text example:
sender => 'xxx_at_oracle.com'
,recipients => 'xxx_at_domain.com'
,cc => NULL
,bcc => NULL
,subject => 'scheduled disco mail'
,message => 'Testing testing testing'
,mime_type => 'text/plain; charset=us-ascii'
,priority => 1
,attachment => 'should be in my attachment'
,att_inline => FALSE
,att_mime_type => 'text/plain; charset=us-ascii'
,att_filename => 'neil.txt'

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