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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 05:33:21 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 27, 1:24 pm, "MATI" <> wrote:
> If you can not help with my question - why you raise the answer?

Because you are demonstrating unethical behaviour by asking for copies of examinations from Prometric. Cheating is clearly unethical, and I can't understand why you think asking for copies of the Prometric exams isn't considered as such.

> I do not
> need your advices that I am not ethical or whatever.

You most certainly do need such 'advices' since you can't understand the difference between ethical and unethical acts.

> On the internet there
> are many of these tests but there are no prometric ones.

For good reason: the Prometric exams are NOT sample tests, they are the actual exams.

> If I like to take some philosophical advices I would go and study this field
> on the university.

Possibly you should seriously consider changing your major, as you fail to possess the necessary ethical background required to be a database administrator.

The advice you've received thus far is correct and excellent, and you should be seriously considering acting upon it. That you post this tripe in reply, after posting your ethically-challenged question to this group, clearly indicates a lack of moral fibre on your part. I don't care how much Oracle database administration knowledge you amass I wouldn't trust you to be responsible for any database, for any purpose, on any planet known to man.

David Fitzjarrell

> "Mark D Powell" <> wrote in
> On Jan 26, 4:17 pm, "MATI" <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I am preparing myself to the 1z0-031 DBA OCA exam. Can anyone help me and
> > provide me with the prometric tests for this exam?
> > It would be very useful while studying and taking these tests in order to
> > pass this proper exam afterwards.
> > Thanks for any info or even materials on my mail:
> >
> > skypd_id: matyj83
> > Best regards,
> > MATI
> If you want to see a copy of a Prometric examination pay the fee and
> take an examination.  We do not need unethical people working as
> Oracle DBA's.
> There are books on the market that are designed to help a person study
> for the Oracle OCP examinations.
> That are free materials on the examination requirements at the Oracle
> web site.  There are numerous free articles available on the web
> written about topics/features covered on the examination.
> There are also several companies that sell prepatory test materials.
> I recommend you get the free list of test topics from Oracle and look
> each topic up in the documentation and/or buy one or more of the
> Oracle Press books for OCP.
> HTH -- Mark D Powell --
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