Re: OTN subscriptions no more?

From: Angie Kong <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 18:19:53 GMT
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No intentions to violate the license. Just trying to figure out what I can do to get a full featured product for my own tinkering. I know XE but it's a pared down version.

Working with SQL Server now in my new role and found they have a developer edition for $50. All features are included and it is intended exactly for what I need - personal use only, no commercial/production deployment. That's what OTN used to have but I guess not anymore.

Thanks for the help.


"DA Morgan" <> wrote in message
> Angie Kong wrote:
>> Thanks for the quick reply.
>> I did check out the free download option on but there are
>> license notes indicating I can only build 1 prototype and/or use for
>> 30days. It also says I can use for any self-educating purposes so long as
>> it's not put in production or for commercial use.
>> I know a newgroups isn't the best place to ask licensing questions but
>> you guys probably know it better than most. Is it ok for me to download
>> the software, install on my home machine and tinker with various features
>> whenever I have time? Thanks.
>> aK.
> It would be wrong for me to advise you to violate Oracle's license so I
> feel duty bound to direct you to Oracle XE which is totally free even if
> you put it into production.
> Of course you can also buy a single named user license for SE1, SE, or
> even EE at a remarkably reasonable price. <g>
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