Re: OTN subscriptions no more?

From: shakespeare <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 10:26:24 +0100
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"Angie Kong" <> schreef in bericht news:dP6jj.2828$rG.1043_at_trndny02...
> No intentions to violate the license. Just trying to figure out what I can
> do to get a full featured product for my own tinkering. I know XE but it's
> a pared down version.
> Working with SQL Server now in my new role and found they have a developer
> edition for $50. All features are included and it is intended exactly for
> what I need - personal use only, no commercial/production deployment.
> That's what OTN used to have but I guess not anymore.
> Thanks for the help.
> aK.

Even the 'old' OTN licenses had these restrictions. Only difference is you got the CD's and had to pay (although they NEVER billed me...;-)

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