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Re: Newbie question re refreshing Materialized Views

From: Adam Cameron <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 22:07:57 +0100
Message-ID: <u1uyyohbz5yr$.rjju0ismtx8p$>

> For me the whole process needed about one day to construct in my mind
> and one another day to write and test, so as you have the process
> already defined you'll need about a day ;)

I wish.

I'm only at the stage that if I want to write a stored procedure (I have written a total of about a dozen - ever - now) I need at least two books open with example code, one Firefox screen with about a dozen pages of the the Oracle docs open, and another screen to actually type in the code. Character by character.

I think you're right though... I have kinda got what I need to do in my head. I just need to convert that into Oracle-ese. And then work out I actually have it completely wrong in my head, and start again ;-)

> Actually if you are planning to use more or less similar technique
> feel free to ask qiestions if you don't know anything. Descriobed
> technique works for us already more than a year without any problem.

Cheers. I'll read that link you posted, and read some docs, and make some appropriate ritual sacrfices and see how I go.

My problem is that I've actually got my *real* job to do as well, and can only dedicate a couple of hours to this sort of thing in any one sitting (the sittings being separated by a couple of weeks, sometimes). This means I spend half of each session trying to work out WTF I was trying to achieve the previous time.

At least I get a good range of answers to things on this forum, if I need to ask :-D

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