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Re: Newbie question re refreshing Materialized Views

From: Adam Cameron <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 21:57:50 +0100
Message-ID: <>

>> WERE any of your questions actually relevant to my situation?

> Yes: All of them. Things in Oracle change from version to version.
> Correct answers for almost everything require exact version info.

OK: keep digging, cool.

As an exmaple, how would your response to my situation differ had I said "9.0.1" as opposed to ""?

Or if my DDL was "select * from mytable" as opposed to "[insert 500 lines of select query here: you choose the SQL, because I *really* don't think it's relevant]"?

And the explain path for both of those. How would that change your answer?

And this "change" that actually never occurred. Which change? There was no change. I never said anything changed. I said it was bung and it was being fixed by someone else, but it's been bung *from the outset*.

I take your point that generally "more info is better", and yes I should have said "" and "".

But the rest of what you continue to say is bullshit, right? Not that you should need to do otherwise, but you kinda skirted around my previous questions as to why your other questions had relevance to *my question* (not *in general*). Any answers?

I also note that the other respondents seemed to be able to answer the question without even *suggesting* they needed more info than that which I provided (except the 9i thing, that is).

I'm half being arsey at you because you seem to be being arsey to me... based on my bad wording in my response to you (sorry about that), so I probably deserved your slightly-fiery second response. And I'm half interested to know if there's actually any substance to what you're saying.

And the third half is just poking the animal in the cage with a stick.

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