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Re: mysql + oracle

From: pstachy <>
Date: 28 Jul 2006 07:09:44 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Volker Hetzer napisal(a):
> pstachy schrieb:
> > Volker Hetzer napisal(a):
> >> pstachy schrieb:
> >>> Hi
> >>> I have an oracle database and need to get some data from it and
> >>> replicate that data on mysql database in order to have it via WWW
> >>> (apache + mysql + php).
> >>> The only way to connect between oracle and mysql that comes to my mind
> >>> is by PHP. e.g. get some data from oracle to a file and then load it to
> >>> mysql.
> >>> My question is: Is there maybe any other (simpler, safer, better?) way
> >>> to do it???
> >> What prevents you from accessing the oracle database from php too?
> > Well, generally nothing... I'm looking for a way to connect(replicate)
> > oracle with mysql without a mediator like PHP. I'm not sure if it is
> > possible altogether...
> Generaly it's not possible to "replicate" between oracle and mysql
> as they both contain features that don't exist on the other system,
> sequences and enums being obvious examples.
> The same is true between sqlserver and mysql, oracle and sqlserver
> and so on.
> So, the obvious question is, why do you need both systems?
> Can you get rid of one?
> Lots of Greetings!
> Volker
> --
> For email replies, please substitute the obvious.

Well it is a matter of safety. Some data that I have on Oracle will be available for users via WWW (mysql+apache+php). I don't want them to have access to Oracle so I wanted to have that data replicated on Mysql.
I just want to have data from 2 tables from Oracle database to be part of my mysql database. I think the only way for me is to write a php script which will simply copy data from one RDBMS to another.

Cheers!:) Received on Fri Jul 28 2006 - 09:09:44 CDT

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