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Re: PHP DLL's anyone?

From: ianal Vista <>
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2006 02:51:39 GMT
Message-ID: <Xns9762BFEDD34Bianalvistahotmailcom@>

"DravenStone" <> wrote in

> Hi,
> just made a post in the PHP group, but my feeling is I'm missing
> something I need that will come from oracle, and I wondered if someone
> in the oracle groups might have an answer?
> The following is what I just posted in comp.lang.php
> If any of you oracle folk have experience with this, I'm frustrated
> enough that I'm thinking about after I'm home from work and I HATE
> ;)
> thanks...
> ds
> Post for c.l.php:
> Hi,
> I had just a horrible day at work, spent pretty much the entire day
> trying to get php_oci.dll and php_oracle.dll to load. It still never
> did.
> Super Quick Background.
> Jack of all trades IT guy, have written many tools using perl and JSP
> in the past.
> Had a chance to do a big project, and figured I would use it to learn
> PHP.
> Did all development on my XP Pro station, they bought a windows 2003
> Small Business Server to run the application on.
> 99% of the application is powered by MQSQL
> Using XAMPP distrabution.
> Make ONE call on ONE page to a legacy oracle database we have (8)...
> Works FINE on my machine.
> Ported everything to the server. NO DICE enabling php_oci8.dll and
> php_oracle.dll
> PHP is 5.5.1.
> DL'ed instant client. Pulled the three dll's I am supposed to out, put
> them in C:\instantclient
> Added C:\instantclient to class path:
> Error loading dll, procedure not found (note: not module... It's
> finding the oci and oracle dll in the /ext directory)...
> I think it's more an oracle driver/dll/something I can't figure out
> problem.
> I've spent a whole day googling things, trying to change this
> and that class path, adding something71.dll and somethingelse71.dll
> (forgive me, I'm at home now and can't remember exactly)...
> But absolutely nothing worked.
> Does anyone know the secret to what I need to install on the server to
> get these babies to run? It's making me feel like a fool having spent
> all day working on something that really should be simple.
> If I need to install some other oracle "client software" can anyone
> tell me specifically what it is I need other then instant client? I
> that because I've seen three dozen refreances to a vague "oracle
> software"
> I could go on, but I'm just venting now...
> Please, any pointers to what the heck I need would be SO SO SO
> appreciated.
> Kind Regards,
> ds

I am a big fan of XAMPP , but failed trying to get OCI8 to work with it. Go to
Oracle has partnered with ZEND.
Somewhere I got a download link & was able to get PEAR installed & functioning. Received on Mon Feb 06 2006 - 20:51:39 CST

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