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Re: real time importing to Oracle.

From: jim <>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 09:24:52 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Thanks for the advice, I believe ORACLE handles JAVA well, so something like a servlet may also be possible. As I have said I have no experience on ORACLE so will dig into it as I have used PEARL for CGI scripts in the dim and distantand it is well within the students capabilities. Jim

Craig Warman wrote:

> To add to Mark's suggestion, you may also consider an external program
> kicked off by a cron job that periodically looks at the file, then
> posts updates to the database.  I've been poking into Perl on my
> current project and it seems to handle things like that pretty nicely
> - but there's certainly many other ways to get this job done.
> Craig
> "Mark C. Stock" <mcstockX_at_Xenquery .com> wrote in message news:<>...

>>"jim" <> wrote in message
>>| Can anyone help with this as I am not familiar with Oracle. One of my
>>| students wishes to develop a system to run under UNIX that will have the
>>| functionality he has outlined below:
>>| It is a PBX phone system which when someone rings in it writes the
>>| details of number calling and which person/dept routing to a file. I
>>| need some how to have a program waiting till the file is updated to grab
>>| the new entry and turn it into format appropriate for oracle so i can
>>| run a trigger on it to bring up the callers details.
>>| So far as I can see he wants some type of TSR to monitor the PBX file
>>| for activity and when detected this will trigger an import to ORACLE.
>>| I do not yet know in what format the PBX stores data other than it has a
>>| DAT extension. However, if there is anyone has any ideas please help.
>>| Jim
>>if the process that writes the PBX file can't be modified to connect to
>>oracle (instead of the PBX file), consider using oracle's EXTERNAL TABLE
>>feature to make the PBX file look like a table to oracle, otherwise you need
>>a UNIX daemon process to do as you described (what do you teach?)
>>however, lots of questions, issues remain...
>>- IFAK a TSR is a DOS-thingy, in UNIX you're looking at a daemon process
>>- what process writes the PBX file? can it connect directly to the database
>>(ODBC, ADO, or otherwise)
>>- how long does the data stay in the PBX file? how big does it get? how does
>>it get cleaned out?
>>- what is the volume (frequency) of calls?
>>++ mcs

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