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Re: Error "max extend table reached"

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 22:38:38 -0800
Message-ID: <1076135864.917861@yasure>

DBA Infopower Support wrote:

> Hello Daniel,
> As you very well may noticed we are not trying to sell here any products
> nor sell any education classes or "Certificate Programs".
> Being a young and small company we are trying to contribute to DBA
> community by helping other people.
> Legally, the company and individuals are considered the same, so postings
> as a company is in no way worse than yours or others'.
> If you think this is a violation of netiquette, please let us know.
> Meanwhile, we respectfully ask you to stop the harassing and flaming
> emails and stop calling our messages "spam" - they are the way of helping
> colleagues, not to post same information over and over again.
> We are sorry you feel this way. Please, ignore our messages if you don't
> like them.
> Support
> DBA Infopower

I'm not selling anything ... the university only accepts 60 students per year into my program. All must have CS degrees. And everyone else is turned away and has been for four years. So more students is hardly what I want or need.

I understand that you are genuinely trying to help people but your signature, or lack thereof, while not rude has already led to people viewing you as a spammer. My advice is that you follow the lead of Jonathan Lewis, Howard Rogers, and others. Show people of courtesy of posting your real name. If they want to do business with you they will find you on their own. Signing "Support" is rather bad as it gives the impression that your postings here relate to your job responsibilities and therefore ... that you are spamming.

Daniel Morgan
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Received on Sat Feb 07 2004 - 00:38:38 CST

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