X5-2 ODA: to 19.8

From: Jack Applewhite <jack.applewhite_at_austinisd.org>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2020 19:17:47 +0000
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I just finished migrating a Virtualized, ACFS X5 from ODA version to Bare Metal , ASM 19.8 and wanted to say that it can be done, if anyone is interested. If you want gory details, contact me personally.

Original issue was a firmware fault for CPU0 on Node0 that Support said was fixed with 19.7 firmware. We wanted to re-image this ODA to latest anyway, so I picked 19.8, which had just dropped. Could be because of some flub I made, but couldn't go directly to 19.8. On Support's recommendation, I had to re-image to 18.5, then to 19.8. Worked great, but WTF!, the firmware wasn't updated - same with a few other components! Wouldn't you expect All components be made up to date by re-imaging? I did, but that's not the case. Had to then apply the 19.8 patch, which did everything. I then cleared the CPU0 fault and all is good.

Beware the BUI (Browser User Interface) that Oracle recommends for Create Appliance and applying patches. It worked OK for me sometimes, but is flakey. In applying the 19.8 Server patch it failed to execute one or more of the three DCS updates that are pre-requisite. I had to do those using odacli. Then did the rest of the patching from command line. Even after the 19.8 patch was totally successful, the BUI still shows that the Appliance is at 19.7 with all 19.7 components on Node0. On Node1 is sometimes shows 19.8 and sometimes 19.7. Strange. Anyone know how to reset BUI's cache or whatever? BUI could be useful, but I don't trust it very much now.


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