Re: How to purge SYSAUX Tablespace (SQL_MANAGEMENT_BASE Occupant)

From: Sourav Biswas <>
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2019 08:46:16 +0000
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Thanks Rich for this MOS doc !

Best Regards,
Sourav Biswas

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On 2019/08/30 06:51, Sourav Biswas wrote:

Hi All,

What is the fastest and safest way to Purge SYSAUX tablespace. Currently it has grown to ~ 1tb in size. Please suggest as SQL_MANAGEMENT_BASE occupant needs to be released. Currently we have disabled automatic baseline gather. Its retention is 53 weeks.

Please suggest.

MOS Doc 1499542.1 appears to have has your answer, along with the warnings for those actions.

Good luck!


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