Re: Migration to Postgres training

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2019 13:02:38 -0400
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That depends on the purpose of the database. Postgres doesn't have all the capabilities of Oracle RDBMS and if your application is using one of those features, then you're out of luck. Furthermore, as opposed to MariaDB, Postgres doesn't have anything even remotely similar to Oracle in-memory.  Postgres partitioning is a bad joke. It is not possible to define global indexes which means that partitioned tables cannot have a primary key.

On the plus side, the situation with hints was resolved to my satisfaction. There is now an extension called pg_hint_plan which enables me to use Oracle style hints if I want to.


On 8/8/19 12:29 PM, Igor Neyman wrote:
> My organization switched from Oracle to Postgres 11 years ago.
> So, I could argue regarding "something harder to maintain", and
> regarding savings on licenses. Every specific situation is different,
> and requires specific tool.
> Just don't want to start a "religious war" :)
> Regards,
> Igor Neyman

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