RE: Poor report performance with sqlnet connection only, not jdbc

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Date: Thu, 10 May 2018 17:09:04 +0000
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Old client had the default arraysize of 15 but you and Vijay are quite right. I should have thought of setting a higher value. We'll test that out.


Also, unfortunately I had incorrect information. Turns out the new windows client is also 11g, same as the old linux client.

Jay Miller
Sr. Oracle DBA

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Subject: RE: Poor report performance with sqlnet connection only, not jdbc

Arraysize on the client? Did the old client have a login.sql file setting this sort of thing?

T. J.

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Subject: Poor report performance with sqlnet connection only, not jdbc

Here's an oddity. One of my app owners recently moved to a new reporting server. The old one had the 11g client on linux, the new one has the 12c client on windows.

He has a number of reports automated to run through sqlplus and spool to a file. After the move a report that previously took only minutes to run took 8 hours. On the database side it shows all the extra time spent on sqlnet message to/from client.

My first thought was that it was caused by network latency from the new location. traceroute/tracert did show a few more hops and a few more ms. However, when he tested running the same query through jdbc rather than sqlnet and spooling the output to the same location the report returned in minutes again.

My next thought was to increase the sdu setting to the maximum on the client and database sqlnet.ora but that made no difference.

Before we bite the bullet and rewrite the reporting automation to use jdbc does anyone have suggestions for anything else to try?

Database version is

Jay Miller
Sr. Oracle DBA

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