Re: prices of licence conversion.

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Date: Wed, 9 May 2018 16:00:24 +0000
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If I may ask: Are they “Named User Single Server” (NU-SS) or “Named User Multi Server” (NU-MS) and what advantage do you gain by converting?

From an article in the May issue of the NoCOUG Journal<>: “NU-SS authorized a user or device to access the Oracle program on a single server, irrespective of where the user or device was in fact using the Oracle program. Likewise, NU-MS allowed users or non-human devices to connect to multiple servers without requiring additional licensing. … there is usually no contractual reason or requirement to migrate from legacy to new metrics. Oracle may not sell any additional licenses to the customer on the old metrics and will require any new purchases to be on new metrics; customers are more than welcome to deploy old and new metrics simultaneously in their environments as long as they don’t mix metrics on an individual server.”


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Subject: prices of licence conversion.

Oracle 11.2.04
Linux RH 5

We are converting 81 Enterprise NUS Licences to NUP what is the cost likely to be?

Howard A. Latham

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