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Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2018 13:16:17 -0500
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Hi David  

I do S3 backups for a small client that uses filesystem not ASM. I simply sync the FRA with S3.

On S3 I tiered the storage so we have only 1 month on hot storage, all the rest on cold and backups older than 3 months gets deleted automatic, we have a couple of TBs of storage and the bill is no high at all.

I have done some restores and works flawlessly, just sync the backup of the day you want.

I don´t use the catalog, I just sync the autobackup for the controlfiles.

This is enough for a small company.  

I do know that Amazon has a storage gateway and Virtual Tape Libraries.

I didn´t try it yet.  


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Good Morning,  

We have had a number of incidents with Oracle Cloud Storage and are not planning on renewing when our contract expires. Currently - and for the past 10 days - we have not been able to perform backups as we have for the second time in less than six months experienced an 'account issue' where our contracted 20TB of space has been re-allocated to zero.  

I'd like to be able to back up to AWS, but cannot even think of approaching management with either the cost or thought of purchasing an Oracle product such as Oracle Secure Backup at this point.  

Has anyone used RMAN to back up to AWS EC2, EBS, EFS or S3 in conjunction with a catalog?  

Seems to me there are several ways to approach this. It would be a great help if anyone has some insight.        


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