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UNIX did not win ☺
UNIX was almost a failure with fragmentation between AIX, Solaris, HPUX and SCO, AT&T etc etc Till Mr Linus happened to come along and the rest as they say is history ☺ With improvements along the way with Intel and AMD etc

Maybe PostGres will fill in that spot ☺ - tile will tell

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It is sad how technically good stuff seldom wins. Big Data reminds me of datarieve, but not as easy to use. How did Unix ever win over VMS? It is older than it and far more secure.



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On 2017/11/01 17:02, Dave Herring wrote: I'll 3rd that. I loved DCL.

I miss the lexicals and API instead of hacking the output of programs like "ls". DCL was truly a great scripting language, IMHO.

Now Oracle for OpenVMS on the other hand... One issue was that most (all?) ported software assumed that process creation was as inexpensive as it was on other platforms.

Just discussing the other day how relatively easy it was to write a pseudo-device driver in MACRO. No way I'd want to do that on any other platform.

Ahhhh, I remember when computing was fun. And now, back to reality...


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