Popup window disappears on install of EM13.2

From: Rich J <rjoralist3_at_society.servebeer.com>
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2017 11:18:28 -0500
Message-ID: <4d7e007426053d6845e91c6780486da9_at_society.servebeer.com>

Hey all,

So, my EM12 is hosed enough that I'm going to install EM13.2 fresh on OL7.3. I've installed Oracle EE, patched it to 171017 and created a repository DB, which fails on datapatch. After a day spent unsuccessfully debugging datapatch, I'm foregoing it and continuing the EM13.2 install with an unpatched repository DB.

I downloaded all of the zips from Edelivery and extracted the "real" zips. When I run em13200_linux64.bin, it does its business then fires up the installer. On the very first screen, I uncheck the "I wish to remain informed..." nonsense and click "Next". I'm sure that the confirmation popup of my unchecking decision comes up, but it immediately shrinks in on itself and there's no popup window left to interact with. The sole installer window becomes unresponsive and I have to return to the launching window and <CTRL-C> out of the installer. The popup is not hidden behind the main installer window, unless there's some X-windows control key combo that I'm missing (i.e. Windows does not see the popup, but I'm not sure how to tell if Cygwin might).

I'm using Cygwin-X on 64-bit Windows 7 for the windowing. I've run several OUI sessions in the past week with this same setup without issue and there doesn't appear to be a related MOS article.



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