VMs on SSDs or 7500 rpm SATAs?

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So I changed the subject a bit here - does anyone have recommendations on running VMs off of SSDs versus SATAs? (I've seen to stay away from 5400rpm SATAs for performance reasons)

I'm trying to gauge the impact of having virtual disks sitting in SSD (thru a VM app) and those disks having some amount of write activity - and perhaps I'm overanalyzing. Maybe I would need a larger capacity disk before I started wearing out an SSD? These would be lab setups for my own testing of upgrades etc.

I'm thinking something like the following:

  1. Primary SSD for OS and apps
  2. 2 SSDs for VMs
  3. Largish type SATA drive for backups of important files

Something like that.


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On 02/01/2013 1:07 PM, Mark W. Farnham wrote:
> Has anyone mentioned how quiet SSD only laptops can be?

Speak up, will you ... the silence is deafening.

I second your observation. My MacBook is so quiet, the occasional time when the fan kicks in (which is also dramatically reduced in frequency and duration) can be startling.



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