Re: VMs on SSDs or 7500 rpm SATAs?

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2013 09:23:38 -0600 (CST)
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Chris writes:

> I'm trying to gauge the impact of having virtual disks sitting in SSD (thru
> a VM app) and those disks having some amount of write activity - and perhaps
> I'm overanalyzing. Maybe I would need a larger capacity disk before I
> started wearing out an SSD? These would be lab setups for my own testing of
> upgrades etc.

Having had my one and only experience with an SSD that lasted just under 1 year, I'm not very fond of them now. Or at least consumer-grade MLC SSDs.

On the plus side, I've closed a gap the SSD failure happily found in my home server backups and I have a never-opened replacement Kingston SSD from the warranty. Maybe I'll donate it to a museum in 10 years.

Thought someone should add a little "Paranoid DBA" rain on the SSD parade...  ;)

With the number of drives you're talking about, it sounds like a desktop tower instead of a laptop. My next purchase for the home server will probably be an Intel SASUC8I RAID card (LSI controller). It's "only" 3Gb/s, but that should be just fine for a home/lab environment, no? My fast/noisy 10K Raptors should work well and still be cheaper than equivalent SSD storage.

Power? Noise? Well...not too sure on the power...


Disclaimer: Newegg has the RAID controller for ~$160 and 250GB Raptors for $110 (500GB $150).

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