Re: Instance Efficiency Percentages - Library Hit %: in AWR

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Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2012 13:56:11 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Sreejith,
Although I can't help you directly on the SQL you requested, but once you do start trend this phenomenon, here are a few things that will provide food for investigation and thought:
  1. What the are Top 5 Wait Events when this Instance Efficiency Percentage is low? 
  2. Which SQL statements are being negatively affected by the Top 5 Wait Events? By how much? 
  3. Is there a problem on your database for the period of the snapshot(s)? 
  4. How does this snapshot's workload compare to a baseline snapshot?
  5. Is there evidence of some sort of abnormal application workload? 
  6. Did you have more parsing than normal? 
  7. What caused the increased parsing (if applicable)? 
  8. Or was the increased parsing due to automatic memory management stealing from the shared pool to feed the db buffer cache in response to an increase I/O load?




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Subject: Instance Efficiency Percentages - Library Hit %: in AWR  

Hi Friends,
In AWR under Instance Efficiency Percentages we see a Library Hit % and we find it very low for one snapshot. I would like to know the trend for few more days available in AWR snapshots
(dba_hist_snapshot,DBA_HIST_LIBRARYCACHE) using SQL Query.

Can some one please help with how this % is being calculated. What SQL can I use to calculate this ? May be for a range of snapshot. Thanks in Advance. on Solairs 10 .

With Regards,


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