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Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 16:00:35 -0500
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Wow, I never thought there was this much mixed feelings on the Appliance.

A few points to note:
You can migrate your current licenses to the latest version of the DB and run it on the Appliance thus reducing the need to purchase new software licenses and be supported.

If the licensed Standard Edition on this machine, then Oracle whole license structure would have to be changed as you can only have this licensed housed on a maximum 4 processor machine. So I doubt you would ever see that.

As far as the price goes there one creative approach and that is finance, it would reduce the initial sticker shock and would be able to get a better discount on the product. This is not a sales pitch as we did secure a great price for the Appliance and new licenses for a customer with the aid of financing, they did not need to finance, however it aided in lower the cost even with the financing interest rate. They didn't need this for a HA solution but more of a remote solution as this would be stationed overseas, with no one there daily to manage it.

Again thank you all for the great input as I was looking for real experience not Oracle promotional docs on the Appliance.


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hey all
We have just ruled out ODA as a replacement for a single-server, 40-odd db setup because of:
- no support for 9i, 10g, or even 11.1

  • no support for virtualisation to run 9i
  • no support for double mirroring (instead of triple) for the extra capacity
  • ... which meant the storage capacity was a bit low for us. And no bigger storage option, yet.
  • no room or support for HBAs (but NFS mounts seemed ok)

And personally I was real keen on it until then !! The pay-as-you-go licensing was v.attractive, given the difficulty in keeping a lid on cores and licenses when acquiring a new server.

I could see it making sense for a bigger environment that could manage to populate it with only 11.2 instances though.

It would be great if the above caveats could be addressed, though I suppose there's not much chance for us to see that in the next few months.



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